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After 4 years of hosting the Ipson webiste with Joomla 3.x,  the amount of work for updating the website to a newer version of Joomla would have been too much (in my opinion).

I decided to host the website with another CMS: WordPress – it seems more elegant to work with so I will give it a try. The Ipson website structure will be the same as the old one, but in the background a lot of documents and images have been removed and it is more ‘clean’ at this moment.

Since I finished my master research in June 2017, I also have more new material the share on this website.The CompLex (OSC-driven audio-matrix), a new 16bit DA converters (still in the make) and much more interesting student projects. Also the development of the RC (Remote Controlled) analogue studio continued and will be shared on this website.

I hope you like the new setup.

2 thoughts on “New ipson website”

    1. Hello Klangschmied, thanks for you reaction. Last week new printed circuit boards of the CompLex arrived, so I can now make new ones. How are you electronic skills? Can you solder a board with SMD devices? The CompLex is quiet a ‘complex’ device to make – but if you are up for it, we can arrange something. Send me an e-mail on so we can exchange some details. Best, Lex

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