Max/Msp patches

Reading all the analogue inputs of the IpsonCompact [zip file] … 12bit_ic_string
Driving all the ouptuts of the IpsonCompact [zip file] … compact_switch_out
Configure the IpsonCompact [zip file] … compact_config_string
Request active configuration string [zip file] … compact_cr_string
Complete test patch IpsonCompact [zip file] … compact_v2b_max7

IpsonCompact test application [zip file] … IpsonCompact

Monitor all 64 inputs in one patch [zip-file] … ipson64_example_patch

OSC-CV board

Drive all 16 12 bit outputs of the DA board [zip-file] … Da_board_drive_12bit

CompLex audio-matrix (OSC-Studio)
Driving the CompLex interface (version 90) [zip file] … Complex_proj
Matrix driver written with Java (Johan van Kreij) [zip file] … vc_spg_java

Remote Controlled studio (OSC- studio)
Complete patch to drive all features of the studio [zip file] … RC_studio_matrix_CompLex

Separate Max patches for driving the RC studio:
Relay-drive_rcstudio /rx  [zip file] … Relay_drive_rcstudio
Storage CompLex /st  [zip file] … Storage_CompLex_st
Matrix drive /maMatrix_drive_ma
List256 to 8x32bit (creating the right bit format for the Matrix) … List256_to_32x8bit
DA boards drive /v1DA_board_driver
Configuration CompLex /cfConfiguration_CompLex_cf
ADSR modulee drive /evADSR_module_drive

Driving 32 channel OSC-CV

Max Patch for controlling the 32 CH OSC-CV module in the RC-Studio

The patch above generates two different OSC-messages, /1 and /2 followed by 8 x 32-bit OSC integers. Every 32-bit integer holds 2 (cv) values of 12-bits – leaving 8 bits blank.
Download the file

The B&K Vocoder

The B&K Vocoder Patch will generate the OSC-messages to drive Vocoder. More information about the Vocoder setup and design, can be found here.

B&K Vocoder Drive