ipson64 manual

Building the Ipson64

The ipson64 interface is quiet easy to build. Even the 4 x HEF4067 Surface Mount Devices (SMD) are not that hard to solder. Make sure you have a small tip on your soldering iron. Most of the components on the pcb (printed circuit board) are connectors, or headers.
The pictue below shows the Eagle layout. The red surface is the ‘top’ layer. The blue surface is the bottom layer. The green ‘pads’ are the soldering pads. I added some pictures of the building process step by step. Let’ start with the components.


R1 4,7 kOhm
R2, R3 27 kOhm
R4 560 Ohm




IC1, IC2, IC5, IC6 HEF4067D (SMD)
Processor PIC18F2423 (place in a socket!)
Xport Xport
Led small 3mm universal led (any color..)



C1, C2, C12, C13, 100nF
C4 470uF / 16V** Polarity!
C5, C7, C11 2,2uF / 16V (Polarity!)
C8 10uF Polarity!
C9, C10 33pF



Q1 Crystal 7,3728 MHz
DC1 Dc adapter pcb mount
SV1-SV29 female headers
Switch Reset switch mcdtsa6
LED red/yellow/green

Photo page

Start with the 4 x HEF4067D SMD chips.
First solder one pin to fix the chip itself to the exact location. Then apply a very little amount of solder per pin. Th anti solder mask will help to keep out the solder between the pins.
Add the resistors.
And some capacitors.
Solder the capacitors in the right position and make sure the polarity is ok. Check the location of the diode: It has to be bend a little to fit.
Mount the Xport. The plastic ‘pins’ are there to give the Xport more stability. Push them in carefully.
Place the socket for the PIC18F2423.
Place both voltage regulators (7805 and the LF33) on a aluminuim plate (heatsink).
5 plastic distance holders will keep the booard in place. Always first place the board and fix it with the 5 screws and bolts. And finally solder the pins of the voltage regulators to the board.
Fully ready to go with PIC18F2423 prcosessor.

Testing the Ipson64
Since the Ipson64 communicates with the same X-port as used on the IpsonCompact, check the test-procedure  of the Compact Рit is exactly the same.

Ipson64 Max(5) testpatch
The maxpatch shown below can be downloaded from this website. It’s just a test patch; check if all inputs do work.